Products & Systems

Great ideas don’t come easy, so we invest in new ideas, big or small, to resolve pain points in construction.

Our products and systems are designed to support the kind of building that’s good for the planet, the budget and the occupant.

Products that Mitigate pain points

SoundDown™ Acoustic Floors

Constraint: Acoustic floors are often an expensive and cumbersome component of building with vertical tenancies. Historically, the designer and constructor have been left to resolve acoustic challenges with a limited range of options.

Response: SoundDown is the culmination of a series of product developments, resulting in a broad and customisable suite of acoustic solutions. SoundDown works with stakeholders to deliver proprietary systems, with ease of design and installation at front of mind.

IICSTCLn,wRw+CtrFFL increase
SoundDown Solo 50 - 586559 - 52535mm
SoundDown Duo 62644885mm
SoundDown PAB 45x45 41- 6451- 76704480mm
SoundDown SDP 6264713625mm

Mass Timber Structures

SoundDown™ PAB
  • FFL increase – 80mm (standard)

  • Airborne noise – STC: 66 - 76dB

  • Impact noise – IIC: 57 - 64dB

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SoundDown™ SDP
  • FFL increase – 41mm

  • Airborne noise – STC: 64dB

  • Impact noise – IIC: 62dB

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Lightweight Structures

SoundDown™ Solo
  • FFL – 5mm

  • Airborne noise – STC: 65dB

  • Impact noise – IIC: 56dB

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SoundDown™ Duo
  • FFL – 85mm

  • Airborne noise – STC: 64dB

  • Impact noise – IIC: 62dB

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SoundDown™ Acoustic Shower Base

Constraint: While there are numerous finished floor levels being specified in raised acoustic floors, designers have been left to formulate customised solutions to raise shower bases for each project. These technically solved the problem but weren’t always cost-effective or practical to build.

Response: Build Anatomy developed a proprietary system that can be easily customized to be flush with various floor levels.

SoundDown™ for Mass Timber

  • Low profile and raised solutions to allow space for services
  • Pre-assembled components to speed up on-site construction
  • Supply only and supply & install available
Presto Build-Ready Platforms

Constraint: Concrete slabs on grade are cost effective on flat, stable, land. However, challenges such as, sloping sections, low load-bearing soils, flood plains & overland flow paths often trigger expensive ground works, retaining and drainage requirements.  

Response: Presto Build-Ready Platforms combine the Wildboar footing system with a range of off-site manufactured flooring systems, delivering an installed solution with substantial time-savings.

  • Custom-designed & engineered raised ground floors
  • Build-ready in less than 72 hours (manufacturing lead times apply)
  • Multiple flooring options from lightweight to mass timber and pre-cast concrete solutions  
Fortitude Timber Sealants

Constraint: Protecting timber from moisture during and after construction is imperative to ensure the performance of the building long-term. Historically options for timber moisture protection have been limited.  

Response: Build Anatomy have made available a range of timber sealants from water repellants to UV-rated elastomeric coatings that are easy to apply, cost-effective and durable.

Fortitude 150
  • Protect timber from moisture
  • Simple roll or spray application (no pre-mixing required)
  • Anti-microbial & anti-fungal properties
Fortitude 200 – UV Stable
  • All the benefits of Fortitude 150 plus UV stability
  • Available in clear coat – ideal for protecting from sun bleaching exposed timber
  • Perfect for protection all timber surfaces including end grains
Fortitude 45 – Powered by Nanobond
  • Water-based hydrophobic treatment for timber
  • Uses advanced Nanotechnology to coat the fibres of the timber at a molecular level
  • Various simple application methods  
Wiiste Moisture Monitoring

Constraint: Historically it’s been labour intensive to monitor the moisture content in various parts of the building at regular intervals.  Keeping record of that data was a manual and unreliable administrative process.

Response: Build Anatomy conducted and international search to source a reliable and connected moisture sensing system.  Wiiste Moisture Monitors and the partnering Relia online software provide accurate real time data and reporting of timber moisture content as well as the temperature and humidity level at the measurement point.

  • Continuous monitoring allowing proactive response to moisture issues
  • Data analytics provide accurate records of current and past readings
  • Connects via the IoT network removing the need for a local internet connection
Future Innovation

Innovation is the heartbeat of Build Anatomy, we are currently working on a number of responses to constraints we’ve identified. There’s certainly no shortage of pain points in the construction industry. If you’ve identified something that needs resolving, we’d love to hear from you.