Embracing construction constraints with responsive innovation

A building is like a living, breathing organism made up of many parts.
When we focus on responding to a pain point, the whole building benefits.
At Build Anatomy, we love to seek out the pain points in new construction methods and develop solutions that address these constraints.
Our products and systems are designed to support the kind of building that’s good for the planet, the budget and the occupant.


Vertical Intertenancy Noise

Constraints: Building out of concrete and steel adds cost, time and weight to any project as well as being carbon heavy. Alternatives such as lightweight timber or mass timber construction can reduce weight and time but present constraints when it comes to acoustic isolation between levels.

Response: Build Anatomy developed the SoundDown™ range of acoustic floor systems for lightweight and mass timber construction that simplify installation while ensuring optimal acoustic performance and cost-effectiveness.

SoundDown™ for Mass Timber

  • Low profile and raised solutions to allow space for services
  • Pre-assembled components to speed up on-site construction
  • Supply only and supply & install available


SoundDown™ for Lightweight Framing

  • Single and double layer solutions
  • Incorporates fire rated ceilings
  • Thorough yet simple installation


Complex Acoustic Shower Base Design

Constraint: While there are numerous finished floor levels being specified in raised acoustic floors, designers have been left to formulate customised solutions to raise shower bases for each project. These technically solved the problem but weren’t always cost-effective or practical to build.

Response: Build Anatomy developed a proprietary system that can be easily customized to be flush with various floor levels.

SoundDown™ for Mass Timber

  • Low profile and raised solutions to allow space for services
  • Pre-assembled components to speed up on-site construction
  • Integrates with approved Ardex membranes
MORE ABOUT SOUNDDOWN Acoustic Shower Bases

Acoustic Floor Systems

Restraint: Lightweight construction has been great in single dwelling units as a cost effective solution, but hearing your kids crashing around upstairs is not the same as hearing the neighbours, especially when you can't just tell them to keep it down.

Response: Build Anatomy developed 2 acoustic floors for lightweight construction depending on performance requirements and floor finishing preferences. SoundDown Duo, a raised floor with granular insulation and SoundDown Solo, a low profile, simple solution for cost driven construction.

SoundDown™ Solo

  • SoundDown™ Solo is a simple to install,
  • acoustic and fire rated system that ensure
  • adequate sound attenuation between
SoundDown™ Solo


SoundDown™ Duo

  • SoundDown™ Duo is a simple to install,
  • acoustic and fire rated system that ensure
  • adequate sound attenuation between
SoundDown™ Duo


Raising Ground Floors

Constraint: Concrete slabs on grade are cost effective on flat, stable, land. However challenges such as, sloping sections, low load-bearing soils, flood plains & overland flow paths often trigger expensive ground works, retaining and drainage requirements.

Response: Build Anatomy have collaborated with innovative products to develop a range of Build-Ready Platforms that there are fast, simple and reduce build programs significantly.

Presto Platforms

  • Custom-designed & engineered raised ground floors
  • Build-ready in less than 72 hours (manufacturing lead times apply)
  • Multiple flooring options from lightweight to mass timber and pre-cast concrete solutions  

More about Presto Platforms

Timber Moisture Solutions

Constraint: While transporting and constructing with timber, moisture exposure can be unavoidable. Moisture in timber impacts its durability, structural performance and lifespan causing long term problems for buildings and their occupants.

Response: Build Anatomy has sourced a moisture monitoring system and range of sealants that can be used to mitigate the adverse effects of moisture in mass timber construction. These solutions allow stakeholders to detect, address and prevent potential moisture issues during construction and beyond.

Wiiste Moisture Monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of moisture, temperate and humidity of timber
  • Access real-time information from any wi-fi capable device
  • Low-cost subscription


Fortitude Mass Timber Sealants

  • Hard-wearing and self-priming
  • Easy and time-efficient application
  • UV Stable options


Future Innovation

Innovation is the heartbeat of Build Anatomy, we are currently working on a number of responses to constraints we’ve identified. There’s certainly no shortage of pain points in the construction industry. If you’ve identified something that needs resolving, we’d love to hear from you.  

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