SoundDown™ Acoustic Shower Base

The SoundDown™ Acoustic Shower base solves multiple problems. Height, Waterproofing & acoustics.

Raised Acoustic floors provide the perfect opportunity for level entry showers. Only problem? No one makes one the right height.
There was a gap between the height of the shower bases available and the height of the acoustic floors. Build Anatomy solved that pain point with something simple and customisable for any size shape and height required.
Build Anatomy have robust proprietary systems with approved membrane details to suit all projects acceptable for both tile or vinyl finishes.

SoundDown™ Acoustic Shower Base


  • Level entry shower bases
  • Incorporates approved Ardex membranes
  • Standard or customisable sizes/shapes
  • Profiles as low as 26mm
  • Simple installation
  • Cost effective solution
  • Acoustical isolated
  • Solid and reliable
SoundDown™ Acoustic Shower Base in Action

Projects featuring SoundDown™ Acoustic Shower Base

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Whakamaru City Mission, Wellington
by Naylor Love, feat. SoundDown PAB System & SoundDown Acoustic Shower Base