SoundDown™ Duo

Our double layer flooring system Duo, provides uncompromising performance for the distinguished buyer where peace is paramount.

SoundDown™ Duo is our ultimate performing acoustic floor.
It has been designed and tested to achieve industry-leading performance in both airborne and impact noise, through a range of frequencies and floor coverings (including tiles).

SoundDown™ Duo


  • Exceeds building code for fire and sound
  • Can be partially constructed as a cassette
  • Fully compatible with standard lightweight building methods
  • Unmatched sound attenuation
  • STC Rating: 64dB
  • IIC Rating: 62dB

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SoundDown™ Duo in Action

Projects featuring SoundDown™ Duo

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Bethlehem Shores, Tauranga
by Arvida, feat. SoundDown™ Solo