Fortitude 150 – Mass Timber Sealant

A water-based, hard-wearing, self-priming sealant that provides 12 months trafficable protection.

Fortitude 150 Mass Timber Sealant is the perfect option when high-end waterproofing products aren’t required whilst providing the ultimate surface protection for all engineered timber products.
Supplied at application viscosity, it becomes a vapour permeable film resistant to yellowing, age crazing yet prevents any water ingress while allowing the substrate to breathe. It has state of the art adhesion and non-leaching plasticized resins that remain tough and flexible for many years and allow overcoating with most proprietary waterproofing and sealing coatings.

Fortitude 150 – Mass Timber Sealant


  • Scientifically formulated to protect all timber surfaces and end grains during and after the construction process.
  • Contains anti-microbial and anti-bacterial capabilities.
  • Film build will bridge gaps up to 3mm; ideal for between -lamella, half laps, spline joists and penetrations (2 coats required).
  • Multiple colours options available (clear, grey and others upon request)
  • Supplied at application viscocity
  • Spray on compatible
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Vapour permeable
  • Tack-free in 2 hours, recoat after 6 hours
Fortitude 150 – Mass Timber Sealant in Action

Projects featuring Fortitude 150 – Mass Timber Sealant

  • Living Pa
  • Tauranga City Council
  • MetLife Oakridge Kerikeri
  • MetLife Pohutukawa, Beachlands

Living Pa, Wellington
by LT Mc Guinness feat. Wiiste, Fortitude 150, SoundDown PAB System