SoundDown™ Solo

Solo, our single layer flooring system, is a fast, simple & cost-effective solution for affordable housing.

SoundDown™ Solo is a simple to install, acoustic and fire rated system that ensures adequate sound attenuation between tenancies.
Better still, its simplicity unlocks the viability of affordable housing projects whilst still achieving New Zealand building code.

SoundDown™ Solo


  • No need for a 2 layer flooring system
  • Can be partially constructed as a cassette
  • Simple to install, reducing risk of poor installation
  • Fully compatible with standard building methods
  • Faster and more cost-effective to alternative systems
  • Allows building to proceed without delay
  • Solid and quiet when living both above and below
  • Incorporates 60min fire-rated ceiling-only system, so the floor structure is excluded from the firecell
  • STC Rating: 65dB
  • IIC Rating: 56dB (with Jacobsens Traffic 250 Vinyl)

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SoundDown™ Solo in Action

Projects featuring SoundDown™ Solo

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Bethlehem Shores, Tauranga
by Arvida, feat. SoundDown™ Solo