Presto Platforms

Simple and customizable Presto Platforms can get your building out of the ground quicker.

Presto Platforms revolutionise the way we think about ground floors.  Initially developed as a simple solution to unlock land where soils are unstable or sloping, Presto aimed to provide a fire rated, insulated floor that didn’t trigger expensive retaining and drainage systems.
Once developed, it was quickly understood these floors could offer substantial time savings on all sites and could be raised or lowered to whatever height was required to meet the new overland flow path requirements.

Presto Platforms


  • Significant time savings (Build ready in less than 72 hours)
  • Load Bearing Fire rated options available
  • Removes the need to take the fire wall to the ground
  • Leave clear overland flow paths
  • Pre-insulated offsite
  • Optomised pre-engineered panel sizes or customisable solutions
  • Delivered as an installed solution
Presto Platforms in Action

Projects featuring Presto Platforms

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Bethlehem Shores, Tauranga
by Arvida, feat. SoundDown™ Solo