Wiiste Moisture Monitoring

Our innovative system empowers users with real-time access to crucial moisture information during construction & beyond.

If you’re planning, constructing or managing a Mass Timber Building, It’s critical you can monitor the moisture content throughout the building in order to ensure the buildings durability and structural performance.
Wiiste offers continuous monitoring of moisture, temperature and humidity within your building envelope, allowing you to detect and address potential moisture issues proactively during construction and ensuring the ongoing well-being of the building.

Wiiste Moisture Monitoring


  • Low upfront cost with subscription pricing
  • Real-time browser based moisture information  
  • Automatic alerts for temperature, wood moisture content, relative humidity, battery charge and network connectivity.
  • Filing, reporting and sharing capabilities (API available)
  • Access from any device connected to the internet, even your phone
  • Easy to install monitoring units
  • User friendly interface
  • Monitor moisture levels at 2 varied depths in the timber (35mm-190mm electrodes available)
  • Ability to load plans into software to track measurement locations
  • Where LoRaWan network is not available, local connection can be established
Wiiste Moisture Monitoring in Action

Projects featuring Wiiste Moisture Monitoring

  • Living Pa
  • Arvida Queenstown

Arvida Queenstown Country Club, Queenstown
by Scion feat. Wiiste