SoundDown™ PAB

PAB, our pre-assembled batten system, is a fast, customisable & cost-effective solution for Mass Timber projects.

Looking for a hassle-free solution to enhance the acoustic performance of your Mass Timber building? SoundDown PAB is what your looking for.
Our SoundDown™ PAB system is designed to simplify installation while ensuring optimal acoustic performance. With pre-assembled battens, you can save time and reduce the risk of poor installation, resulting in improved sound insulation and better overall acoustic performance.
Our pre-assembled battens are able to be customised beyond our standard 60mm solution and the system has been tested with both OSB and Maglok flooring. Maglok increases the acoustic performance while giving a floor that is unaffected by moisture and reduces the overall fire load of the building. Ideal for mass timber buildings.

SoundDown™ PAB


  • Efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces risk of poor installation
  • No wet trades required
  • Supply & install options available
  • Customisable height
  • Range of toppings available
  • Airborne noise – STC: 66dB
  • Impact noise – IIC: 57-60dB
  • Environmentally friendly elements
  • Non-combustible topping option

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SoundDown™ PAB in Action

Projects featuring SoundDown™ PAB

  • Three One Seven, Nelson
  • Tauranga City Council Office
  • Living Pa, Wellington
  • Whakamaru Wellington City Mission
  • MetLife Oakridge Kerikeri
  • MetLife Pohutukawa, Beachlands

Three One Seven, Nelson
by J Lewis Building feat. SoundDown PAB System