SoundDown™ SDP

Our SDP panel is a low profile, highly resilient & durable acoustic floor system.

Our SDP Panel system features a unique construction that combines multiple layers of sound-dampening materials, including environmentally friendly materials such as rubber from recycled car tyres and board made from upcycled milk cartons. The result is a floor that can withstand heavy foot traffic, furniture movement, and other common sources of wear and tear without compromising on acoustic performance.
Unlike other acoustic floor systems on the market, our low profile design means that there's no need to sacrifice valuable ceiling height in order to achieve superior noise reduction. Plus, our system is quick and easy to install, with supply & install options available.
Whether you're building an office building, a retirement village, or an apartment complex, our SDP acoustic floor system is the perfect choice for achieving exceptional sound isolation and durability. With its superior performance and long-lasting durability, this innovative system is sure to exceed your expectations and provide a solid foundation for years to come.

SoundDown™ SDP


  • Low profile
  • No wet trades required
  • Non-combustible topping
  • Highly efficient install
  • Reduces risk of poor installation
  • Low mess
  • Supply & install options available
  • Excellent acoustic ratings
  • Airborne noise – STC: 64dB
  • Impact noise – IIC: 62dB
  • Environmentally friendly elements such as recycled car tires and upcycled milk cartons

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SoundDown™ SDP in Action

Projects featuring SoundDown™ SDP

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Bethlehem Shores, Tauranga
by Arvida, feat. SoundDown™ Solo